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PAOFITS Working Group is developing teaching materials for astronomy.

Beautiful images of stars or astronomical objects are attractive to students. It is also the fact that the activities through hands-on analysis on real data should be more effective for students to study astronomy.

We are developing such materials utilizing real astronomical observational data.

For Image Processing and Data Analysis

<>Teaching Materials
Teaching materials include FITS data, Excel macros, worksheets for students, and teachers' guides.
The worksheets, teachers' guides, and Excel files are written in Japanese, and the translation to another language is our future subject.

New We have started to distribute materials (the teachers' guides, worksheets for students, and Excel files) translated in English. It will become available on this page as they are finished to translation. (2012-03-25 / 2012-07-01 / 2012-12-16)

English Available:

<>Subaru Image Processor: Makali`i
Subaru Image Processor: Makali`i is a software for FITS image data processing which works on Microsoft Windows system.
Makali`i can be used freely only for non-commercial educational/research purpose.
A Quick Start Guide of Makali`i New
sample FITS files ( N5194_01.fts | N5194_02.fts )
What's FITS ?
'Flexible Image Transport System' (FITS) format is the standard data format used in astronomy. (--->More informations... The FITS Support Office at NASA/GSFC)
In order to carry out reductions and analysis on FITS data, a software which can deal with FITS format is needed. Makali`i is one of those softwares.

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