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Supernova and distance of a galaxy

(last update: 2012-07-01)

[Distance Ladder 5 — Supernova and distance of a galaxy] Updated by materials translated in English.New
  Examination of absolute magnitude of SNe Distance of SN2003du
Teachers' guide Teachers' guide (common)New
Worksheet Absolute magnitude of type Ia supernovaeNew distance of a supernova SN2003du (UGC 9391 galaxy)New
FITS data --- SN2003du (daily composite, sky subtracted, level adjusted) 04/26, 04/27, 05/09, 05/15, 05/18, 05/28, 06/04, 06/08, 06/22, 06/27 1MB each
Packed FITS data (10 days, 9MB) Download and open the EXE file, then it self-extracts and makes a folder that contains all of above FITS data.
Excel sheet for magnitude calculation --- Excel sheet for magnitude calculationNew

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